All about CO2 insufflators

co2 insufflators

A carbon dioxide insufflator is an equipment that distributes carbon dioxide at low pressure to open up a space within the body, often to allow for a suitably large viewing area during endoscopy. Addler’s current insufflator designs combine high gas flow performance with automated adjustment of insufflation pressure to ensure a safe and stable pressure balance, according to the company.

Addler’s C02 insufflator types:

The following 4 types are the best Co2 insufflators available in the market (all of them are provided by Addler):

  • Stryker 45 Litre Pneumosure XL Insufflator

The Stryker, 45 Litre Pneumosure XL Insufflator unit has a high maximum flow rate and is fitted with various high-tech components. When used in high-demand surgical settings, it enhances the performance and dependability of surgical laparoscopy equipment.

  • Karl Storz SCB 20 Litres Endoflator

The Karl Storz Unit makes CO₂ insufflation simple and easy, improving patient comfort during and after colonoscopy and supporting endoscopic therapy.

  • Karl Storz SCB 30 Litres Thermoflator

The Karl Storz SCB Unit provides more space or airflow due to its 30-liter capacity. It simplifies and streamlines CO2 insufflation, resulting in improved patient comfort during and after colonoscopy, as well as assistance for endoscopic treatment.

  • Addler 30 Litres CO2 Advance Insufflator

In addition to a high maximum flow rate and enhanced functionality, the Addler 30 Litres CO2 Advance Insufflator device features a compact design. It improves the performance and dependability of surgical laparoscopy systems in high-demand surgical settings.

Why is CO2 used in surgery?

Carbon dioxide is chosen as the insufflation gas in surgery because it is non-flammable, colorless, and has a higher blood solubility than air, lowering the likelihood of problems following a venous embolism.

Addler’s CO2 insufflator is made of very high-quality materials. It is required for patient protection against pathogenic blood-borne pathogens. This eliminates cross-contamination between patients and the usage of expensive insufflator units, which saves money.

  • It is universally compatible with all commonly-used insufflator tubing instruments.
  • A safe hydrophobic insufflator that protects against the risks of reflux fluids from the patient into the insufflator unit is provided.
  • Sterile and ready for immediate use.
  • Free of phthalates (DEHP) and latex.
  • High-quality products developed and made in India

When performing gastrointestinal endoscopy, it is becoming common practice to use carbon dioxide (CO2) insufflator equipment rather than ambient air. Furthermore, CO2 insufflation not only efficiently distends the working region, allowing for improved sight and access to the inner lining of the digestive system, but it can also assist to reduce patient pain. Our CO2 insufflator systems, tubing sets, and related accessories are all designed to improve the quality of patient care by raising the bar for the industry.

Endoscopic operations that are advanced, long, and performed without the use of anesthesia benefit from carbon dioxide insufflation, which lowers the risk of perforation and gas embolism compared to air insufflation. It has also been noted that carbon dioxide insufflation can help to alleviate post-procedural discomfort.

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