All answers are given by reputed doctors and surgeons in India, who have been using Addler equipment for years. We hope their testimonials solve all your queries.  

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a refurbished equipment ?

Refurbished equipment is pocket friendly and extremely economical for the high quality it provides. 1-year warranty and good backup support by Addler is an added advantage, especially for individual doctors. In case of any issues, we get a very quick response and solution. The  disadvantages when buying refurbished include 

  • Firstly, we don’t know how it was used before it was sold to the supplier.
  • If you dont find a good supplier, you will have a problem during servicing.
  • There may be minor scratches sometimes.

 But since Addler makes sure it purchases good quality products and sells only certified refurbished, you can go ahead and cross this problem off your list.  For example I have been using a medical grade monitor, I bought from Addler since the past 2.5 years and its performance is as good as that of a new one. I have actually been advising other doctors to try Addler, since I feel there are only advantages here. I rate it at 4.5/5 (Dr. Naveen Kumar,  ENT surgeon at Dr. Deen Dayal hospital, Secunderabad 

How is the refurbished medical industry helping the medical industry in India?

Definitely the refurbished industry is a boon for India. Not everyone cannot afford expensive equipment and consequently expensive surgeries. A brand-new Endoscopy monitor and equipment costs around 20 lacs. But, you can buy it in the range of 6 to 7 lacs if you go for refurbished. This makes surgeries affordable for patients and doctors, even in the small towns of India. There is hardly any difference in quality if you find a good supplier. For young doctors, this is the best way to gain experience. (Dr. Phani Kumar, Andhra Pradesh and Dr. Nikhil Gokhale, Mumbai)

Do you have certain image quality requirements for specialized surgeries?

Yes, image quality is extremely important for advanced surgeries. We require high-definition cameras + monitors and HDMI compatibility. Its difficult to list down pointers but, if you buy a certified product it will most probably have everything you need. If a patient requires a particular surgery that needs high quality equipment, he might not be able to find the resources for it in a small sub-urbian hospital. Hospitals like Apollo and Max can afford to buy brand new equipment from Stryker and Karlz storz because their patients can pay that amount of money for the surgeries. But for smaller clinics or nursing homes, if you want to help patients who can’t afford corporate hospitals, you can install your own refurbished equipment and perform an affordable, advanced, good quality surgery. In this way individual doctors can put the refurbished equipment to good use, for advanced surgeries at low cost. (Dr. Chirag Shah, Surat)

How are refurbished products from USA better than brand new local/chinese brands?

Karl storz image quality is beyond comparison. They don’t compromise on the manufacturing of the product. I haven’t used any other brands and hence cannot comment on them. I have been trained and have always used storz, since it is very reliable. (Dr. Naveen Kumar, Bihar)

The image quality of Chinese products cannot be compared to the refurbished US products, even after 2-3 years of use. They are more reliable, have better R & D and a greater variety as compared to Indian brands. (Dr. Nikhil Reddy, Hyderabad and  Dr. Phani Kumar, Andhra Pradesh)


What do you expect from a refurbished equipment supplier? When there are multiple suppliers offering the same product, how do you decide which one to buy from?

My first expectation is that if I buy a product and have any installation issues, I would want an prompt response from the customer care of the company. I also appreciate 1 to 1 contact so that I am more comfortable while purchasing. Addler has always exceeded expectations in this case.  Secondly, good warranty. Thirdly, good quality products. (Dr. Naveen Kumar, Secunderabad )

Dr. Paresh Ranjan from Bihar also mentions that the product should not be too old, and in case the equipment needs to be taken for repairs, a replacement should be provided.

What would be your advice for doctors, trying to find the right equipment and right supplier?

Never compromise on quality. (Dr. Nikhil Gokhale, Mumbai)

Decide what you exactly want , how many years you are going to use it for and then find a good supplier. This would make things easier. (Dr. Vezhawendan, Mylapore)

Was your purchase with Addler a smooth journey?

Now that you have a service center in Hyderabad, that has been very helpful. Logistics and service has become easier since then. So yes the journey has been quite smooth. (Dr. Naveen Kumar, Secunderabad )

All doctors mentioned above, have had no complaints in their purchase journey. In fact they especially mentioned the prompt service that Addler provides, which was the main reason for chosing us over other brands! We hope these answers help you make better decision!




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