Rigid Endoscope Services Portfolio

Our standard repair process for every piece of incoming equipment includes rigorous testing, stringent part sourcing and specific parts compatibility to ensure your rigid endoscopes, fiber optic cables and video cameras are repaired to the exact standards required for optimal performance. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment testing software to ensure every device is repaired to original performance standards. We also provide free loaners, include warranties on all work performed, and offer continuing education and training to help minimize unnecessary endoscope repairs and extend the useful life of your equipment. As a result, we can refurbish or repair 98% of cases across all scope, cable and video camera requests.


Our nationwide services include:

Common to complex Scope Repair

Addler can repair nearly all rigid endoscope makes and models – including many flagged as ‘non-repairable’ by OEMs. Using only new German optimal components for repair, our services can cover:


  • Insertion tube replacements
  • Image bundle replacements
  • Robotic endoscope repairs
  • Semi-rigid fiber ureteroscopes
  • Arthroscopes
  • Cystoscopes
  • Carpal tunnel and other small joint scopes

Video Equipment Repair

Vital to everyday use in the OR, you need your video equipment to operate at a high-level in order to perform consistent and successful procedures. At Addler, we specialize in providing high-quality repair capabilities for all makes and models of video cameras and video units,including:


  • Endocouplers/beamsplitters
  • Video processors and camera control units
  • Video pigtail cables
  • HD and 4K video camera repairs
  • Video cable replacement
  • CCD repairs and replacements
  • Ribbons
  • Harnesses and more

Fibre Optic Cable Repair

Damaged fiber optics can reduce light output to your surgical suite and directly impact optical clarity. From simple to complex repairs, our fiber optic cable repair services can address broken, burnt or damaged fiber optics. We repair all makes, models and lengths, and our services include:


  • Medical fiber optic and sheath replacement
  • Hardware and adaptor repair
  • Bi-furcated and other specialty cable repair
  • Sheath color modifications
  • Length modifications

Extensive Loaner Inventory

Your hospital can’t stop just because a scope is broken. That’s why we provide free loaners while we repair your surgical technology. We maintain an extensive loaner collection to meet our customers’ preferences and prevent disruption to planned procedures.

Rigid Endoscope Testing and Quality Assurance

Our standard is to return every asset to its original operating condition, so you can be assured that it will be safe and effective after every service event. Every stage of our repair process is governed by the highest quality standards, and we leverage advanced measurement and testing technology – ScopeControl and GuideControl – to verify quality and drive consistent repairs. We also perform rigorous quality assurance before returning equipment to our customers, and we use only new replacement components that are a precise match in form, fit, material and function with comprehensive traceability through our supply chain.




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