Flexible Endoscope Services Portfolio

From inspection to testing, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest quality standards at every stage of the flexible endoscope repair process . Combined with our technical expertise, we are able to offer our customers an unmatched approach to the service of all large diameter, small diameter and specialty flexible endoscopes. For all work performed, we include one-year warranties and provide free continuing education and training. This helps minimize unnecessary endoscope repairs and extends the useful life of your equipment. 


Our nationwide, flexible endoscope repair services include:

Common Flexible Endoscope Repairs

From air/water clog repairs to bending sheath replacement, Addler provides proven service to ensure your flexible endoscopes are patient ready. Additional repair services include:

  • Control knob and angulation adjustment
  • O-ring replacement
  • Elevator wire adjustment
  • Fluid invasion
  • Biopsy channel replacement
  • Bending sheath replacement

Complex Flexible Endoscope Repairs

Should your equipment require more critical repairs or a full rebuild, our team is also highly experienced in:

  • Electronic repair and replacements (including CCD repairs and replacements, ribbons, harnesses and more)
  • Insertion tube replacements
  • Angulation system overhauls
  • Image bundle replacements
  • Distal end replacements

Extensive Loaner Inventory

Your hospital can’t stop just because a scope is broken. That’s why we provide free loaners while we repair your surgical technology. We maintain an extensive loaner collection to meet our customers’ preferences and prevent any disruption to planned procedures.

Flexible Endoscope Testing and Quality Assurance

Patient safety and quality are designed into every stage of our repair services. Our inspection process includes precise measures of scope performance, which includes visual inspection of internal components using computer-aided borescopes to detect defects that are otherwise overlooked. We also use only new, unused replacement components that are a precise match for OEM components in form, fit, material and function with complete traceability through our supply chain. We utilize a range of proprietary testing systems, so every aspect of a repaired scope matches its original performance.




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