Addler provides  FULL HD LAPAROSCOPY Tower with Instruments for rent on a case to case basis in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai for a fixed price and transportation fee. We cater to CME, workshops, Demo, Live surgeries, shootings, hospitals, clinics and other requirements of the medical and media industry. The rental facility aims to provide high quality HD equipment for surgeons to use in an affordable manner and solving logistic woes of the surgeon wrt carrying the equipment from point A to point B. Lastly, the rental model allows doctors to use systems like Stryker 1588 and Storz Spies for a fraction of the price of ownership repeatedly.
    *For locations outside Mumbai/Navi Mumbai- we need an advance notice of 3 days, in order to arrange travel and other logistics. 
    **In case the doctor wishes to purchase the equipment, now or within 2 weeks, the money will be adjusted towards your bill.

    What is the process to rent equipment from Addler?

    1. You inform us at least 24hrs(for Mumbai/Navi Mumbai) or 3 days(for all other cities) in advance to make travel arrangements etc. Accomodation for Addler’s installers/technicians, has to be provided by the Surgeon.
    2. Our trained staff  show up on time and set up all the equipment –YES, we will provide the equipment and set it up in the OT, even on Sundays and holidays. Our staff will be present in the OT  during the rental period.
    3. The instruments ( rented optionally ) can be prepared/sterilized by the OT assistant prior to surgery as directed by the Surgeon.
    4. Post surgery, we disassemble the equipment and expect to receive clean/sterilized instruments from the facility the same day. We request you to to thoroughly sterilize instruments before returning them to us. 
    5. If the surgery is extended beyond 5 hours, the hourly rate has to be paid. 
    What can you expect from us?
    1. Complete set up, 1.5 hours prior to the surgery.
    2. Standard Rental of upto 5 hours.
    3. Includes Storz/Stryker/Addler Camera monitor HD system, as per availability. All of them are Made in the USA.
    4. Includes a Medical Monitor HD 21″/24″/26″ with Power supply. 
    5. OPTIONAL – You can include a Stryker/Storz/Addler HD telescopes- 10mm 30deg / 5mm 30deg / 4mm 30 deg. Anyone 1. 
    6. OPTIONAL – You can include an Addler Light source, cable, with FOC and adapter. 
    7. OPTIONAL – You can include an Addler CO2 Insufflator with standard Hose.  (Co2 bottle is NOT included.) 
    What do we need from you?
    1. Minimum of 24hours notice for Mumbai/Navi Mumbai. Outside Maharashtra at least 3 working days.
    2. List of the equipments you need.
    3. Name and address of hospital/clinic where you want us to set up. Name and number of OT incharge.
    4. Confirmation of Electric Stabilizer in facility– to avoid issues during surgery and damage to the equipment.
    5.  Advance payment 100%
    If you want to set up a monthly agreement, we will offer discounted rates to you.
     –All equipment is confirmed and sent for renting only  post WRITTEN confirmation (via whatsapp/text/email) with the doctor. No verbal  communication via phone call etc will be accepted.
    –Only 50% is refunded if the Surgery is cancelled after installation of the system.
    What are the terms and conditions of the rental?
    1. Equipment can not be transported from 1 facility to another during the rental time.
    2. The equipment can not be left unattended overnight at conferences, hotels etc.
    3. If the surgery is delayed/extended beyond agreed time, the hourly rate will be applied.
    4. Incase there is a requirements of overnight or early morning set up – the doctor will provide accommodation and pay. 

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    Copyright © 2021 by ADDLER. All rights reserved.

    Copyright © 2021 by ADDLER. All rights reserved.