What are minimally invasive surgeries?

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We have come a long way from Doctors using a concoction of herbs as anesthesia to 7-8 hour long successful surgeries in the ER. But it turns out that we are just getting started with how far technology and Medical Science is going to take us. 

Everyone is familiar with the open surgical procedures like Artery Bypass, Biopsy etc. These in itself are some incredible feats, but it seems like we were just scratching the surface.  Because Open Surgeries are expensive, risky and usually extremely sophisticated, the scope of application and accessibility is a huge question mark. In such cases, a much more robust and modern technique lies in Minimally Invasive Surgery(here onwards referred to as MIS). 


As the name suggests, Minimally Invasive – requiring to use the least possible incisions and access points on the body for the Surgery to commence. Minimally Invasive Surgeries is used whenever possible as an alternative to traditional open surgery.  Because of the nature of this type of procedure, it has some significant advantages over an open procedure:


  • Body damage and recovery:

MIS procedures cause less damage to the body, as smaller incisions are used, instead of larger cuts required for an open surgery.

Because the incisions are smaller, there is:

  • Faster Recovery Time
  • Less Pain
  • Lesser risk of Infection
  • Minimal Scarring


  • Reduced Cost and Time Taken for Surgery

A typical MIS requires just 45 minutes from start to completion, compared to an open surgical procedure that can take anywhere between hours to days to complete. This not only greatly reduces the time taken for the surgery to conclude, but also lowers the cost for the surgery. Moreover, the time you spend in the hospital will also be less, so directly and indirectly, the total cost is much more favourable for a Minimally Invasive Surgery.


  • Short and Long term Results

Here is where we see the biggest difference in an Open Procedure vs an MIS.  Minimally Invasive Surgeries have a huge scope, but are outnumbered when it comes to the number of applications Open Surgeries have. Even then, most MIS procedures like Laparoscopy (Abdominal MIS), Thoracoscopy (Chest MIS), Gastroscopy( Stomach MIS) and so on, have certain short and long term benefits that Open procedures fail to offer, such as:

  • Pain index for a Minimal Invasive Surgery is much lesser compared to an Open Surgery. Whether it is a few hours after the surgery or a few months later, studies show that the pain from surgery slows down drastically and comes to a stop within 2 weeks from surgery for the MIS procedure.
  • Scarring and marks on the body are minimal and almost non-existent when an MIS is used, but in an Open surgery, Scars are far more noticeable and can be lifelong.


Here are some of the equipment that are used in almost all Minimally Invasive Surgeries. All  of these are available with Addler, from best brands all across the world. We offer a variety of brands, price ranges and world class services irrespective of the product you chose. 

  • Display:

Mounted on the very top of the Tower, is a high resolution monitor that displays everything from the straight rod camera. Addler offers medical grade monitors from Philips, Stryker, Karl storz and many more. 

  • Camera System: 

This is no ordinary camera, because it acts as the Doctor’s “eyes” when he is examining the patient. Equipped with an integrated network of high end processors and equally robust hardware, the camera module is considered to be one of the most crucial parts of any Endoscopic Tower. According to various surgeon interviews conducted by Addler, investing in a refurbished high-quality camera is much better than going for a brand new local brand. Addler offers you premium options at affordable rates and a warranty. 

  • Endoscopy Instruments

Lastly, the equipment that lets such a thing as Endoscopy even exist – the Instruments. Highly superior quality, precise, sterile and responsive instruments are mandatory for any Minimally invasive surgery, all of which are manufactured in India by Addler. 

Knowing how to get the best equipment, especially if you are looking to buy a Laparoscopy Tower in India, can be challenging. But ADDLER makes this process hassle-free. Addler helps you with the best Medical Equipment you need at an unbelievable price, and our team of experts are just a call away. For more information check out our faqs page!

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