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Renting medical equipment in India


When you start your new healthcare facility, you might come to a point where you think of your budget, and searching through the prices might also demotivate you. You might also have gone through some phase where you heard of renting the medical equipment, and you ignored it, not knowing its advantages. In this article, you will skim and scan through the benefits of leasing medical equipment and the best brands in India that rents their medical equipment.


Reduced cost

 When looking to invest in medical equipment, everyone wants the best value for their money. Due to the high cost of research and development, clinical trials and market factors, an innovative medical device almost always carries a surcharge cost. Hospitals need equipment, and with the cost of equipment, it is challenging for healthcare facilities to have that much money to outfit their hospitals. Hence, rental is the best decision for many physicians, especially those just starting, who don’t have a lot of income to spend to purchase medical equipment and they also don’t want to abandon the quality of care for their patients.  


Rental Plans to Suit Your Needs

Some medical equipment is not always being used and is overpriced. And when you are unaware of the peak needs season, it would not be the best option to buy the new medical equipment. Before getting your medical equipment, it is essential to have a clue about the usage time. It is easy to acquire the rental medical equipment at the time of need through rental service.


Cut off The Maintenance Cost

Some pieces of the new medical equipment often require replacement or repair. This can be troublesome for many healthcare facilities as their patient’s quality of care could be affected when the special equipment is being serviced. Opting for medical equipment rentals can allow you to solve this problem in the future. Having rental equipment on hand can allow you to provide the services your patients need while ensuring repairs won’t be delayed. Maintaining newly purchased equipment can also represent higher costs and wasted time, but medical equipment rentals may also reduce some of these duties.


Best For Small Scale Setups

Small-scale setups can now perform surgeries that they couldn’t because of the high expense of the medical mechanics. Due to the low budget, it is hard for small-scale setups to purchase medical equipment or devices, so a rental medical kit is ideal.  They can acquire medical equipment at a low price and with the same level of functionality.


Best Brands in India that allow renting

  1. Addler – One can order medical equipment on the Addler website and get the same delivered to their doorstep.
  2. PrimedeQ – PrimedeQ provides access to multiple affordable, good-quality medical equipment for rent.
  3. Portea – Portea provides healthcare equipment rental services.

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