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Gynae – covers the health of the female reproductive system (breasts, vagina, ovaries, and uterus), which involves planned procedures using the appropriate gynecological instruments. (The devices or tools used in gyne are referred to as gynecological instruments/ tools).

Several gynecological instruments have been used and developed over time -each device has its specific task.

Hence, this article provides a basic “introduction to the gynecological instruments” in their various forms, along with their indications. It aimed to be a guideline for the students, health care professionals alike who work in the gyne, all who are new in the field.

The gynecological instruments that have been most commonly used are as follows (also available at Addler)


1. Uterine Manipulator

Uterine manipulators are frequently used to aid the following procedures: perform hysterectomies, perform colpotomy, or improve the uterine visualization track. A variety of manipulators are available and can be fitted to the planned process. In the case of colpotomy, manipulators with a cup to do over the cervix are preferred. They can be adjusted to different angles, allowing the operator to flex and rotate the uterus to be brought into an optimal position.

Factors to consider while selecting a uterine manipulator:

  1. Whether or not an evaluation of tubal patency is necessary during the procedure
  2. How long the anticipated process will last and
  3. Whether you need to create a colpotomy
  4. How much movement of the uterus will be required during surgery

Price range: ₹ 5000 – 8500

Usability: 100% reusable

Application: Hospital


 2. PCOD Needle

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a pervasive disorder in the female population involving infrequent, irregular, or prolonged menstrual periods and excessive testosterone levels. The ovaries develop various small collections of fluid called follicles and may fail to release eggs regularly.

PCOD needle is effective for ovarian and drilling. Surgeons used this instrument for pyeloplasty. It is also known as triton because of its three main functions:

  1. It is used to inject vasopressin.
  2. It is also used at the time of ovarian drilling.
  3. It can also suck the trophoblast out by withdrawing the needle.

Price range: ₹ 800 – ₹ 4000

Usability: Reusable

Application: Hospital/clinic


3. Ring Applicator

Tubal ring, also known as Falope Ring, is a small plastic-ring-shaped band placed around the loop of the fallopian tube. A 2cm to 3cm segment of the fallopian line is drawn inside a narrow cone-shaped applicator during tubal ligation. The silastic ring previously stretched around the applicator is then released onto the tubal loop. Once the silastic ring contracts, the fallopian tube is blocked.

The Ring Applicators are made for single or dual ring applications with one single insertion. The instruments are available in three different lengths for use through the operating scope (single puncture approach) or a trocar sleeve in conjunction with a laparoscope (multi-puncture approach).


Price range: ₹ 4000 – ₹ 8000

Usability: Reusable

Application: Hospital/ clinic


Above mentioned instruments are a few examples of gynecological instruments. There are vast categories available for each type of instrument. These instruments are available at Addler. Visit to check out the products.


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