Cutting some bone?

Bone nibbler

Bone Nibblers are used in orthopedic surgery to cut bone. Along with that, Bone Nibblers are used to grasping, manipulating, and extract bones. Addler’s orthopedic Bone Nibblers are designed for surgical procedures concerning musculoskeletal trauma, sports injuries, infections, etc. Surgical Holdings stainless steel orthopedic Bone Nibblers by Addler’s are manufactured in accordance with all international standards.


  • Curved Bone Nibbler.
  • Straight Bone Nibbler.
  • Double action Bone Nibbler

Sizes :

  • 6 Inch.
  • 7 Inch.
  • 8 Inch.
  • 9 Inch.
Addler’s Bone Nibbler Description:

Bone Nibblers are like pliers with a heavy, sharp jaw. With their heavy construction, Bone Nibblers are used for making cutting bones during surgery.

Bone Nibblers are manual instruments designed for manipulating bones during small or large animal surgery. They are in the shape of scissors or pliers, for example. Bone cutters are capable of penetrating bones and even cutting them in half with their sharp edge. Bone cutters are widely employed in orthopedic surgery and oral surgery procedures, among other things.

Tip: Double-action Bone Nibbler/Cutter is used for nibbling the bone.  The double-action mechanism decreases the amount of force necessary to cut through the bone. The straight nibbler is utilized for general surgical procedures, whereas the curved nibbler is used for spinal surgery procedures.

Basic bone cutting instruments:
  • Unpowered — Bone cutting devices such as hacksaws and saber saws are available without the need for electricity. In many applications, the saw is utilized in specialized jigs to give exact, measured cuts, such as in knee surgery, which is an example. A variety of specialized saws, like the Gigli saw, which is a cable formed of sharp strands of wire, are also employed in some operations.
  • Reciprocating — In most cases, a powered rotary oscillation is used to a specialized cutting implement in order to create smooth, controlled cuts through bone for applications ranging from skull cutting to rib cutting. A sternal saw is a bone cutter that works by reciprocating the blade.
  • Sonic (or sound cutting) — Although still at the experimental stage, the sonic cutter’s primary focus is on using high frequency, high volume sound to remove material (in this case, bone), therefore enabling it to cut. Some sonic tissue cutters are now being manufactured.
  • Costotome — A Costotome is a specialized rib cutter that is used to obtain access to the thoracic cavity during surgery. It contains two levers, the first of which must be moved to grip the rib and the second of which must be worked to cut the rib.

Addler’s can provide you a wide variety of high-quality Bone Nibblers. They are manufactured in India, after thorough R & D, material testing, design development, and optimization. If you going to cut through someone’s skull, you must invest in a brand you can trust. For doctors all over India, that brand is Addler.

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