Common problems with refurbished equipment

Before you start making the face hearing the word – ‘REFURBISHED’, allow me a moment to give a short analogy: Your car has a minor scratch or dent, but that doesn’t mean it has lost its ability of locomotion. You would probably reach out to a mechanic and make sure your car looks brand new. Similar is the scope with Refurbished Medical Equipment. Almost all Refurbished Equipment for sale in India, are in 100% working condition, with very minimal scratches, which barely makes any difference to the usability.

A brand new, sparkling Endoscopy Equipment may cost you around Rs.20 Lakhs, and it can almost double that amount if you are looking to import from high quality Manufacturers like Karl Storz or Stryker. 

When you choose Refurbished Equipment – especially from Addler – you not only avoid paying 1000’s of dollars, but you also get the assurity of purchase of more or less the same quality as a brand new Medical Equipment.

Here are some of the common problems while buying Refurbished Equipment and how Addler helps you avoid those:


  1. Cost

Buying Medical Equipment is Expensive. Medical Equipment needs to be of the highest standards and quality. Of course this is a no-brainer, when the people using it are performing critical procedures involving another person’s life. 

In any case, no Medical Equipment of a good quality can cost less than Rs. 15,00,000. This can be a huge challenge if we consider India, and how underprivileged most of the people are when it comes to access to healthcare, especially with complicated procedures like surgeries. 

The solution? 

Renewed or Refurbished  Medical Equipment . It cuts this cost of purchase by 30-50%. Usually all Refurbished Equipment have only minor issues compared to fresh Medical Devices, and can be easily fixed after a detailed and quick diagnosis.

This reduces the cost greatly, thereby making access to healthcare much more viable for the underprivileged ones who need it the most.


2. Assurity and Trust

OK, so you have made your mind to only purchase Refurbished Instruments from here on. So how do you go about making the purchase? How will you know which vendor to trust? Will they give you any security or after sales services if the equipment fails?

These are the questions that matter the most, and Addler is here to address each one.

At Addler, one thing is certain, you are getting not only the world-class Medical Instruments but equally as good of service. 

Need assurance of the Refurbished Medical Device you just purchased? Addler gives you a 1-year warranty.

What happens if the device fails at any given moment? Our experienced service team is just 1 call away and your equipment will be up and running within 24 hours.


3. Quality and Performance

Since it is well established that quality is crucial while purchasing any Medical Equipment, any compromise or defect in the device can have adverse consequences and complications. Here too, ADDLER steps in and takes all the responsibility of delivering only CERTIFIED REFURBISHED EQUIPMENT from the best and world known manufacturers like Karl Storz and Stryker. 

The process of Refurbishing is very stringent and scrutinizing, and more than half the equipment that gets sent for Refurbishing are rejected. Meaning you only get close to the best or in most cases the best Medical Equipment overall, not to mention the reduced cost and the assurance of Addler.

Addler makes sure that the common problems with Refurbished Endoscopes do not come in your way, so your focus is always on taking care of your patients:

  • Poor Air/ Water flow: Normally caused because of a damaged nozzle or chemical buildup. The best solution for this is to replace the nozzle immediately.
  • Reduced Suction: Again caused due to blockage, the best and fastest method to fix this is to replace the suction channel.  
  • Fluid invasion: Any kind of leaks in the instrument can set off Fluid Invasion.It is a good practice to regularly check your equipment to prevent any kind of Fluid Invasion due to regular wear and tear. The best way to prevent this is by following the manufacturer’s instructions for sterilization and storing. When you do suspect a fluid invasion problem, call our Addler service team immediately to get the instrument fixed.

While the problems in the Refurbished Equipment are minimal, the best way to stay on top of things is to keep a regular check on the equipment from time to time to avoid any kind of damages or technical hindrances that could affect the machine in the long run. Might you still have a problem with your Medical Device, the world-class Addler service team is just a call away.

Got more questions for us related to Refurbished Medical Equipment? Drop us a message and we will get back in a jiffy!

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