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The Cautery Machine is an integral part of Electric Surgery. Now Electric Surgery is not a study that has been around for a long time. But its impact on surgeries, both open and MIS, have been profound.


The History of Electrical Surgeries and the Cautery Machine

The idea behind Electrosurgery is as simple as making a closed electrical circuit.  So your first question would be – Won’t the patient be electrocuted if they are part of an electric circuit?

Of course not! Because it has everything to do with frequency. Our Muscles and Nerves cannot detect any frequency above 100 kHz. So, in a typical Electrosurgical treatment, where the frequency range is between 300-500 kHz, the current is undetected. 

Because the body cannot detect any current at this frequency, most of the time Electrosurgery doesn’t even require any anesthesia. This finds many applications, as any minor procedures can be done very efficiently and quickly.


What is a Cautery Machine?

The Cautery Machine is the reason why ElectroSurgeries are possible. It is an advanced tool which is part of the Endoscopy Tower. 

The Cautery Machine can perform 2 basic procedures: Cut/ Vapourization and Coagulation(2 different types –  Fulguration and Desiccation).   

The supply of current and the settings in the Cautery Machine allows for the cutting or coagulation to take place. These techniques have their own special scenarios in which they are used. The biggest difference between Coagulation and Cutting is the time for which the current is supplied by the generator and the voltage Let’s explore these in more detail:

Cutting/ Vaporizing:

To achieve the precise clean cut one gets in the pure. In cutting mode the power is on 100% of the time leading to rapid and extreme heating of the tissues which vaporizes cells pure cutting current is used for example to open the skin the voltage used in cut is substantially lower than In coagulation mode with peak voltages ranging from approximately 1,300 to 2300 , volts.


With coagulation, the power is delivered in pulses and is actually on for only about 6% of the time this results in much less heat generation so instead of being vaporized the tissue is heated more slowly and chars coagulation is useful where tissue is oozing and may be sed to desiccate tissue where the instrument is used in direct contact with the tissue or full grate where the voltage is increased the instrument held slightly above the tissues and the sparks allowed to jump across the gap another important fact to be aware of is that coagulative currents can be associated with peak voltages from around 3,500 to as high as nine thousand volts



Here are some of the integral parts of a Cautery Machine:

  • Cautery Pen/ Cautery Pencil: 

A handheld device that discharges the electricity from a small electrode at the tip. This electrode comes with a lot of potential and has a versatile range of uses. It can also make use of bipolar connections, and be used in Laparoscopy as well. 

  • Cautery Pad/ Plate:

This is the device that helps complete the circuit. It can either be pleased on a mat for the patient to sit, and placed on the hand of the patient.


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